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 Find the Fire Within! (Colric Landon)

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PostSubject: Find the Fire Within! (Colric Landon)   Sat May 15, 2010 6:27 pm

As someone who was aged and already grown come to a place that barren and almost looking like a desert. He rides in a mechanical spider-like machine for he could walk around, but he was bigger than that and he saved his energy for other things. Standing up with his head looking down standing in place as his hands manned the machine making the legs on this machine move. He was on the lookout for something very rare and something in which would be able to make his team more powerful. He was on the lookout to find a volcano which housed the evolved form of his precious Magmar which was a Magmortar which he could just train his own to get there. But NO he wanted one then and there for he wanted to mate the two as well!

While he manned the machine he had one of his precious pokemon sitting next to him it was one of his pride and joy for most of his favorite pokemon where just that for these pokemon which he had caught he had trained them himself getting them to these levels and power no one would want to try and steal one of his pokemon for you would bet that he had one able to wipe the floor with you if he so chooses for that was how good they where and how much of a bond was with the both of them. Now there are very few in which would be able to be almost or close to the same power and level as his, but you wouldn't find a team so devoted and close to their master. They would face the hounds of hell themselves to get back to him and the same went with Colric!

As he got closer and closer to the major Volcano in this barren wasteland he knew that he'd have to go on from here on foot therefore he lowered the body of this giant machine to the ground so they could get off of it. For sure he had found a place to hide the machine for it was a prize to have and about as much if lost. Stepping off easily he let out one of his prized pokemon who had the move flash for he would definitely need it in here for it was a volcano, but it was better to have some light then none! Letting out a pokeball the only thing he said was "Go!" and the pokemon came out of its pokeball it was a pure snowy white fox looking and had nine tails on it "Alright here we go into the bouls of hell!" as they both went into the volcano itself as the Ninetales used Flash to light the way not seeing much for the first few feet.

(Anyone wanna Mod?)
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Find the Fire Within! (Colric Landon)
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