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 Nick Macri; Poison type unovia elite four member and pokemon trainer

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Elite Nick

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PostSubject: Nick Macri; Poison type unovia elite four member and pokemon trainer   Wed Dec 04, 2013 3:30 pm

Name: (Elite) Nick Macri

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Description: Nick.
Height; 6ft
outfit; Shadow Triad uniform
Misc; Brown hair, hazel eyes, and only uses Luxury balls as a preference. He only specializes in a team of Poison Pokemon that have taken him to the Elite four.
He usually has a furrowed brow and a frown on his face at all times.
He's very protective of allies and friends, as few as he has.

Hometown: Verdanturf, Hoenn.

History: Nick started his Pokemon journey in Verdanturf town as a 10 year old kid, set out to be the best in the world. He had grown up hearing stories from other continents and regions of young kids who aspired to be the best and became the champion of their region. His first pokemon was Seviper. The two are closer than brothers, and Nick has often not had to speak during a battle because his Seviper knows just as well as Nick does how to bring down his opponent, to an extent. Nick had went and journeyed around all known pokemon regions, battling gym leaders and claiming their badges as proof of his accomplishments.He trained hard with a few members of Team Plasma in Unova called the Shadow Triad. He was excommunicated from the Shadow Triad for being 'weak in obeying Ghestus'. He is now a member of the Elite Four in Unova.

Personality: Serious/Intimidating, but not completely hostile. Nick tends to be quiet and soft spoken except for when he's angry, in which he is demanding and loud, often willing to hurt the angerer with his pokemon to show them who's boss. Nick doesn't play games when it comes to his orders. He's well respected by those who know him and they do not take his orders lightly. He's often diplomatic in arguements, but often has hidden intentions and can analyze your weaknesses with a glance.

Pokemon Team:

Seviper (female)
Muk (male)
Toxicroak (male)
Ariados (female)
Crobat (male)

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Nick Macri; Poison type unovia elite four member and pokemon trainer
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