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 foresters fishing log

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PostSubject: foresters fishing log   Sat Aug 25, 2012 1:57 pm

i get on my boat and sail into the patoomic river.i then search for water pokemon with my good rod.
i then encounter a goldeen.i send out my totodile and say"use water gun" and totodile obeys spraying goldeen harshly with water.then it appears to be using horn attack and totodile quickly dodges"nice work.now use bubble"i say and totodile shoots harsh bubbles at goldeen.it is almost down.i throw a great ball.wobble...wobble...wobble...CLICK! yes!i had caught a goldeen

my team:
totodile level 16
skiploon level 20
metapod level 8
goldeen level 12
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foresters fishing log
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