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 my adventure,part 3

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PostSubject: my adventure,part 3   Mon Aug 20, 2012 11:43 am

i walk in the gym and see brock.i decide that i might be able to beat him.i sent out my pidgey,he sent out geodude"pidgey,tackle"i say"geodude,mud sport"pidgey was super effective on ground/rock geodude.
"pidgey,gust"i say"no geodude!"brock says"geodude,rock throw"it barely hurt my pidgey
"now,gust again"i say,geodude faints and pidgey starts to glow,turning into pidgeotto.
"onix,GO!"brock says sending out onix"pidgeotto gust!"i shout,super effective."onix,bind"onix missed.
"pidgeooto,wing attack"i say,super effective and onix faints"YEAH!"i had made onix faint and won his boulder badge.
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my adventure,part 3
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