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 my adventure,part 2

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PostSubject: my adventure,part 2   Mon Aug 20, 2012 11:35 am

i finally make it to pewter,i heal my pokemon and train my pokemon with rattatas.
i battle one and caught it.my current team is:
tail-on-fire(charmander)lv 7
aerial master(pidgey)lv 7
mouse(rattata)lv 7
i train my pokemon to level 10.i decided to have a picnic with my pokemon.all of a sudden,a caterpie slithered over and asked for a cookie.i gave one to it,petting it."want to come along with me?"i asked the caterpie.it nodded so i tapped him with a pokeball.my current team:
volcano lizard(charmander)lv 11
winged wonder(pidgey)lv 11
fang(rattata)lv 11
caterpillar(caterpie)lv 7
i then train the caterpie and the rest of my pokemon as well.they have all grown to level 19 so i decided that i can challenge the gym leader.so i healed my pokemon.
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my adventure,part 2
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