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 trainer mike

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PostSubject: trainer mike   Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:06 pm

Name: Mike


Description: 5'11" 150lbs blonde hair blue eyes tends to wear generic clothes for a guy like blue jeans or shorts and a white v neck shirt. somewhat muscular build pale skin keeps hair medium to short in length. wears a beanie black with pokeball logo on it. has a black sling bag to carry what he needs. wears flip flops or some generic black boots given the weather. hes a bit spacy and likes to take things easy, but hes by no means a slouch on training. also loves to play hockey and will wear some jerseys from time to time. even carries some ice skates around just incase. tends to look like a beach bum. just an overall care free kind of guy that has a soft spot for pizza.
Hometown: New Bark Town

History: he has grown up in new bark town and has got a bit bored of it. its still home but being from a small town has given him a drive to achieve something yet also a desire to take his time with it. hes had a fascination with pokemon and has often offered to help professor elm out any chance he could.

Personality:care free kind of guy that wouldnt mind sleeping under a palm tree or in the sand. tends to not mind being away from people since they are always in a hurry, but he doesnt mind competition. his driving force is just to enjoy life to the fullest. he has a calm and caring personality and is always willing to help. just giving him a deadline might not be the best idea.

Pokemon Team:cyndaquil lv.5 male
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trainer mike
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