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 Arrow of the Virdian Forest

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PostSubject: Arrow of the Virdian Forest   Tue Feb 28, 2012 7:18 pm

Description/Appereance:(my avatar)
History:Arrow was born in Virdian City, he was left with grandparents until he was kicked out with a already captured Poliwag in the forest. Arrow caused mischief in Viridan but changed after how one of his pranks injured a innocent Eevee. He captured it after sneaking a pokeball from his grandparents house. He took it to the pokemon center and it was good. He traveled to Pallet at the age of 10 and built a shed with a pc and training rooms after studying wood shop and techknowledgy in Viridian since age 7. After a year he completed it Professor Oak supported him and when he was done Oak gave him Bulbasaur and a pokedex and sent him off after seeing determination.
Personality:He is quite shy and quiet and reacts well to familar people. Arrow though puts himself into a false sense of security when he is with pokemon and pokemon instantly gain his trust. He can communicate with pokemon so well it is like they talk.
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Arrow of the Virdian Forest
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