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 Tiberius "T.K." Kavanagh

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PostSubject: Tiberius "T.K." Kavanagh   Sun Feb 26, 2012 8:55 pm

Name: Tiberius "T.K." Kavanagh

Age: 10

Gender: Male

Description: I'll do it by Region as I'm planning it so that when he finishes his journey in one region it's been at ltwo years and it starts in Kanto.
Kanto: When starting in the Kanto Region T.K. is only ten and measures up at 4'8" tall. He always wears a white jacket always and sports a dog tag his ex-Navy father gave him right before he went off on his journey under his sky blue shirt . He prefers to wear faded jeans and has a wild unkempt mane of golden hair. His golden bangs fall just beside his eyes and inbetween them. He has a bit of a rounded chin and his ears are usually half covered by his hair. He has brown eyes that are distinctive in the way they look and his skinny blonde eyebrows are barely visible due to his hair.His smile is very small an innocent looking. He keeps his Pokeballs in the inside pockets of his white jacket. The empty Pokeballs always in a different one than his pokeballs with pokemon. He also puts a pokemon sticker of whatever ever pokemon he has in the pokeball on top of the pokeball so he always knows its his. He keeps his Poxedex in the outside pocket of his white jacket. He is also extremely skinny. He keeps a wallet with a pictures of people close to him in his pocket with his pokedex. He also wears a black back pack with all his cooking supplies for making Pokemon food as well as snacks and what not for himself. He also has a Pokeball Badge case which looks exactly like a Pokeball but when you open it it is really a Gym Badge case.

Kanto picture (P.S. sorry the eyes are yellow pretend its like red eye):

Johto: By the time he reaches Johto two years have passed and he is twelve. He has had a groth spurt and is now five foot six. His look has significantly changed over time being taller, his golden hair turning a dirty blonde but at least keeping its old shape, and his rounded chin has become more pointed. He always wears his jean jacket unbuttoned over a white shirt. In addition he has started wearing his fathers dog tag outside his shirt and still does the same thing with his pokeballs and places them in the same places as well just inside his jean jacket. His jean jacket is a light blue and his white shirt is longer than it. He no longer wears his old faaded blue jeans and instead wears ebony black jeans. His eyebrows are higher and he still keeps his nice guy innocent look he use to have. His smile has gotten slightly bigger and is often a bit crooked and never showing his teeth giving him a modest look. He now keeps his pokedex in his left hand side button pocket on his jean jacket and he keeps his black wallet with his pictures in his rigth hand pocket of his jacket next to his heart.

Hometown: Saffron City

History: T.K. grew up in Fuschia City and was raised by his single father who was an ex-Navy officer and owned a boat that he kept south of Fuschia city.Growing up he developed a love for Pokemon and aspired not only to be the Worlds Greatest Pokemon Master but also the Worlds Greatest Pokemon Breeder. His next door neighbor Joe was a breeder and taught him the ways of breeding as far as pokemon eggs, how to care for all different kinds of pokemon, and how to create Pokemon food. Since he was a little baby he had developed a close friendship with his other next door neighbor who lived wth her mom and dad and was his age. Her name was Kayla and she aspired to become a Pokemon Master and enjoyed playing with Pokemon and taking pictures with them. They grew a close friendship over the years and promised each other they'd make it to the Indigo Plateau and become Pokemon Masters and travel to other Regions such as Johto and take the challenge there. Growing up T.K. was also often teased by the others because of his love for two specific Pokemon Dratini and Ditto. Most of the other trainers where into grass types and flying types and T.K. was into all pokemon but Ditto and Dratini interested him alot and he soon became intrigued in Eevee as well due to its many evolutions. Ditto and Eevee intrigued the part of him that was a breeder while Dratini intrigued the trainer aspect of him as it was hard to catch, train, and evolve it so it would be a challenge. One day when he was nine just three months before he and Kayla would turn ten and start their Pokemon journey together Kayla got very sick. For two and a half weeks T.K. refused to leave her bedside and people would bring him his meals though he rarely ate. It was inevitable that Kayla's sickness would kill her but nobody had the heart to tell T.K. who believed so much that she would survive. When she died he was the only one in the room with her and she made him promise before she died that no matter what he would become a Pokemon Master for the both of them. Two Weeks later, a week after the funeral a still mourning T.K. set sail with his father for Pallet Town where T.K. would recieve his starter Pokemon. For two months they travelled the sea and T.K. met tons of various Pokemon along the way and studied them eagerly thinking of his best friend Kayla and the promise he made to her. Despite her being gone it didn't feel real to him and he kept a picture of her and him in his wallet at all times. Finally after two months of travelling he finally arrived to Pallet town a day after his birthday which was Kayla's and he made his way up to Professor Oaks Lab where he chose Charmander as his Pokemon as it had the same bright eyes that Kayla had and the same headstrong, stubborn personality as her as well. He nicknamed the female Charmander Kayla or Kay for short. His father decided to stay in Pallet Town as he was old friends with Professor Oak and had found a woman he sparked with. And so T.K. took one last look back at Pallet town from just before the first step into the grass and he could see his father, his girlfriend, Professor Oak, and several other people waving good-bye. He turned towards the grass after waving back and took his first step into the grass. He stopped as he took out his wallet and flipped it to the picture of him and Kayla giving each other a side hug and smiled as he looked up into the sun and he said "That was our first step Kayla."

Personality: T.K. is slightly shy however he is very aspiring and will go through anything thick and thin to become a Pokemon Master and a Pokemon Master Breeder. He is loving, caring, and nice towards all Pokemon. He loves all pokemon the same and always puts his Pokemon before himself or his goals. He will do whatever it takes to keep his promise to Kayla and it keeps him going despite how sad he actually is due to his friends recent death, his usual personality can be a bit bubbly, eccentric, and enthusiastic. He still maintains it usually but is sad on the inside and misses the Journey he and Kayla never got to have. He is a sweet guy and always tries his best and doesn't mind losing along the way as he knows you learn more from losing than winning. He is very smart and is a fighter as no matter what you throw at him or how many times you knock him down he will always stand back up and keep going. He often thinks big and can sometimes get a bit overwhelmed or be a bit stubborn.

Pokemon Team: Charmander Female Lvl four NickName: Kayla, Kay
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Tiberius "T.K." Kavanagh
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