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 Fluffeh made a trainer

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PostSubject: Fluffeh made a trainer   Thu Dec 15, 2011 7:36 am

Name: Brandy Jane but she likes to be called B

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Description: Brany Jane is around 5"4' and has short red hair and contrasting black skin. She wears a brown hat with a panda face on it and two panda ears on top. She likes to wear a green vest with a blue bodywarmer over the top. Jeans that are extreamly frayed at the bottom and two black belts that hang either side and she has her favourite pair of blue trainers.

Hometown: Brandy Jane was born and raised in Pallet town.

History: Brandy had an ordinary life. She didn't always get what she wanted but her parents loved her and raised her to be kind. All of her life she wanted to be apokemon breeder or trainer. She loved giving fluffy pokemon cuddles. On her tenth birthday she was given a pokemon egg and she was extatic. She slept with it and looked after it for 6 months before it hatched into a cute little male Nidoran. She cherished the little pokemon for the next 4 years of her life but after a while she gre tired of staying at home and wanted to go on a real adventure. So she packed a bag grabbed her Nidorans Purple pokeball and walked towards Professor Oaks Lab.

Personality: Brandy is fairly loud and bubbly and loves to have friends. She is kind and will jump at the chance to help a friend but annoy her and there will be no mercy from the wrath of Brandy.

Pokemon Team: Nidoran - Male - Lvl 5
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PostSubject: Re: Fluffeh made a trainer   Fri Dec 30, 2011 9:06 pm

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Fluffeh made a trainer
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