Welcome all Pokemon fans! In this site you may create your own trainer. Become the best of the best, or join one of the many organizations.
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 I would like to join

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PostSubject: I would like to join   Sun Sep 11, 2011 2:41 pm




Location: Lillycove

History: When James was a little boy he always loved pokemon. He loved to watch his older brother battle other trainers. He espeacally loved fire and grass type. One day he went outside when it was raining cause he saw somthing move in the forest. He looked behind the tree and saw that a syther had been hurt from an attack. He walked a little closer and the Scyther swang its arm at him. James jumped back and saw that the scyther was trying to walk, but fell everytime. James walked closer and closer to the scyther and finally when he was next to the pokemon he helped it up to its feet and walked it to his house. He grabbed a potion from his brother and sprayed it on the scyther. The woumb finally went away and the scyther was James first pokemon.


Personallity: He is a very fun loving kind of guy. He is goffy, and slackes off a lot, but when it comes down to who wins a fight it will be him. He loves pokemon and is very wierd.

Pokemon: Scyther, and Chimchar
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I would like to join
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