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 A Wild Renko appeared and wants to RP!

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PostSubject: A Wild Renko appeared and wants to RP!   Sun Sep 04, 2011 9:23 am

Name: Renko Akiwa
Age: 15

Gender: male

Description:he is little brownish ,yellow spikes hair ,blue eyes

Home town: Veridian woods

History: Renko had lived in the small woods of veridian ever since he could remember. The boy grew up without parent friends or any family at all. Every day he would wander playing with the wild pokemon, witch he could here talk. None opf the pokemon got aggressive when he approached them, mearly whispered. One day he stumbled upon a small injured Bulbasaur that had gotten lost in the woods, The children of the veridian forest were fabled to have the powers. To most people this was a mear tale, a ledgand. How ever Renko knew different, he could talk to pokemon, feel there emotions and also with a single touch heal them of all battle wounds. Upon seeing the Bulbasaur he touched it, absorbing memories the pokemon had and healing it at the same time. The vision of memories that the grass type had bestowed upon him showed a team, a evil team. Rocket was the name, they had beaten the untamed pokemon and tried to capture it. The green pokemon had escaped and came to the forest to rest when Renko had appeared cleansing its wounds. Renko vowed from that moment to crush team rocket, ya see he hated people who were mean to pokemon. Renko asked the Bulbasaur to join his team and together they set of to become stronger. The Bulbasaur wasn't the only pokemon Renko had found injured by the Rockets, his own pokemon Pikachu had also bean hurt. The forest was once almost burnt down, the exact day the boy met his trust pal Pika.

Personality: very humble ,and friendly

Pokemon Team: Bulbasaur, Pikachu.
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PostSubject: Re: A Wild Renko appeared and wants to RP!   Sat Sep 10, 2011 7:12 pm

This IS quite good, but you need to incorperate what he WEARS in his appearance, and, us your powers to an extent when you RP.(don't heal your pokemon in battle against other trainers with your power just to win) Just add the extra to the appearance, and I can Accept you. Smile
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A Wild Renko appeared and wants to RP!
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